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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Design to be different

In days past people were less able to be picky about how design and advertising was presented to them. 

Today’s consumers are much more tech savvy and media conscious than any market has been before, so how can firms hope to compete in a landscape where clicking skip or hitting fast forward is easier than it’s ever been? 

A recent research paper, commissioned by adobe, suggests the only way for advertising to thrive is by bringing the focus back onto solid design. 

What exactly is a design led practice? 

The report defines it in the following way: An organisation should view design as a differentiator, something to set their brand apart from others. 

Formal design processes should be established for marketing, product, and customer experience and, ultimately, design plays an integral role in shaping customer experience and should be at the forefront of every company strategy. 

Lets address the phrase ‘customer experience’ for a second. 
What does that mean? 
The modern customer is more able to make the kinds of choices that, metaphorically, sort the advertising wheat from the chaff, to combat a fickle, easily turned off audience, as designers, it is now even more important to create designs which offer the observer an experience which lasts with them and relates to them. 

For over 35 years, at Fletcher Ward Design we have helped to define a creative route in establishing brand’s with their target consumer, from large corporate companies to small independent groups, using good design and solid creative concepts and helping the client’s take that leap into the ‘differentiator’ realm, standing apart from their competition.