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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

We're ashamed to admit that we've recently missed out on a potentially large project because the client concerned didn't know, or had forgotten, that we did that sort of work. So we thought it would be a good idea - at least from our point of view - to remind you of the main areas of design in which we are experienced.

Corporate identity
We include under this heading, branding, logotype design, stationery, branding guidelines, in fact anything that relates to how you are perceived by the outside world. We produce corporate identities for companies large and small but perhaps the most famous name for whom we have designed a logotype and developed branding guidelines was Ernst & Young's international network of lawyers. It was a complicated exercise and had to take into account the legal stipulations in countries all over the world. We won an award for our work so if you'd like us to look at your corporate identity and set up branding guidelines to help maintain the consistency of that identity then we're the team! Even if you're a one-person start-up business it's still very important.

Web sites
As with other areas of design, each project is linked to the client's marketing objectives so each site looks quite different - except that they all look pretty good! The best way to check out our ability with web design is to go to our web site www.fletcherwarddesign.co.uk and check out what we've done for our clients. We are experienced in the design and construction of both Flash and HTML sites

Report & Accounts
We have been designing and producing R&As for longer than we care to remember. This expertise with the presentation of numbers is also utilised in the design of Financial Memoranda.

We currently design newsletters for some of our clients and feel that they are a frequently under used part of the marketing mix. Give us a call if you're even just thinking about a newsletter - we might be able to help.

Printed material
This means all those leaflets, brochures, advertisements and posters - anything that ends up being printed.

Charts, diagrams and Graphics
Another under appreciated area of design, we feel that we're pretty good at them! The World Cancer Research Fund obviously felt the same. We had produced all the charts for the previous edition of their 500-page tome "Food, Nutrition, Physical Activity and the Prevention of Cancer" and they came back to us for the latest version. When clients come back it means we're doing something right.

Design - it's what we do. So call us.