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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

What am I looking for?

OK, I'm after a designer.  What am I looking for?
Passion, drive and a focused vision - someone who thinks objectively and can cleanly solve problems, without fuss or over emphasis.  Someone who creates solutions that are meaningful and deliberate and who is aware of the larger picture.
They know that your brand is not so much about you as your target audience so they will progress your brand image with the aim of communicating to your target market.
Good design is about a state of mind, honesty and an approach to problem solving - it's realising the function and purpose of the aim. And it’s how you will beat your competition.
Design can be executed in many ways, but the final goal is always the same - to solve a visual or physical problem. 
So how can I spot the right designer for me?
Good design is not easy to define because the best designs seem not to be designed at all but to exist and work silently solving the marketing problem. It’s easier if we break things down. If you know what to look for, it’s simple to spot good design when you see it; or perhaps more importantly, when you can’t see it at all!

Design principles to look out for are:
• innovative 
• makes a product useful
• aesthetic
• makes a product understandable
• unobtrusive
• honest
• long-lasting
• thorough
• as little design as possible

Take a look at your current product – is design contributing in an innovative way? Does it make the product useful to the target market - is it understandable, aesthetic? Is it long-lasting, or will it look outdated in the future?
A good designer will manipulate all the constraints to produce a product that people will fall in love with. Love is a really strong emotion - it's a proven method - and as we said previously, it’s how you’ll beat the competition.