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Monday, September 6, 2010

Browser search mishtakes and spellink faux pairs

Whilst trawling the world wide web (anyone else noticed that the so called abbreviation 'www' has more syllables than 'world wide web'!) we came across this collection of crazy typos and browser search slip ups.
I hope this list provides some insight for your own search adventures, if any, or at least some insight into human nature and how people use search.
Our thanks to www.bonfx.com for these:

freelace graphic design portfolio

Might want to check near your shoelace for that…

how to get graphic design work over 50

Pretend you are 30 and see what happens.

+”freelance” + ”graphic design” + ”what to charge”

Could you be more specific?

21th graphic design

That’s easy. Just look for the 22th and back up one.

best grapich designer

Talk to the best lgoo desginre and I’m sure he or she kowns someneo.

best typohraphy fonts loho

I hreatly suhhest hetting a new keyboard to avoid this ehrehious error.

can i draw graphics like google analytics

I don’t know, can you?

can you get a fifth color in cymk printing

Let’s see. CMYK = 4 color process. The answer is no (unless you mean spot color).

can you print a 72 dpi image

Test: hit print and see what happens.

can you print online images at 300dpi?

This question will never, ever go away.

converting from 72 dpi to 300 dpi to print

No, you can’t. Please stop.

does it take longer to scan 300 dpi or 72 dpi

I’ll give you one guess.

effect on project when changing project hourly rate

You lose the client, that’s all.

font combonations

“I’ll have the Helvetica burger with a side of Futura fries.”

four thing u have to do in graphic design

R u asking me 2 du this 4 u?

how to draw simple easy amazing things on a blank sheet of white

Just get a pencil and paper and draw like Leonardo – how else would you do this? Silly question…

how to fix a fifth color in cmyk

Your problem is due in large part to a lack of a fifth color being present to be able to fix.

how to print on 300 dpi

How to print on 300 dpi what? Hmmm. Go to Staples and ask for 300 dpi paper, maybe.

i just got my degree in graphic design and i dont have a portfolio

You may have gotten ripped off at your college.

i’m a graphic designer where do i get printed?

It’s kind of a chicken-and-egg thing now, isn’t it!

i’m i to old to be a graphic designer

Yes, the heavy lifting does exclude certain age groups from this physically demanding line of work.

if the web is 72 dpi why are higher res images better quality

Because higher res images are better quality, which has nothing to do with the web.

jpg is 300 dpi but opens at 72 dpi

Then your jpg is not 300 dpi.

like father like son spelled in all fonts

Most things are spelled in all fonts, unless you are using sign language.

logos of a house sketches

Lost me on that one…

many graphic designers are leave why?

leave cuz can’t communicating client bill to financial pays.

pdf font like verdana

What is a PDF font? And why do you want one like Verdana? Don’t we already have enough Verdana in the world?

photoshop resolution 72 dpi to 300 dpi


photoshop resulution 72-dpi to 300-dpi


prefered font for email
Helvetica, which is faster than Times Roman because it has no serifs. Also, studies have shown 6pt Helvetica to be faster than 12pt Helvetica because it’s smaller.

printing higher than 72 dpi on web pages

No. Stop it.

printing web resolution higher than 72 dpi

You really need to stop it.

some things graphic designer would design for a client

Like maybe a logo, a website, a mug, a book, a poster. Let me think of a few more when I get some time.

tips til pdf print

When waiting for the PDF to print, you can 1) surf the web, 2) get coffee, 3) check out twitter.

unpaid freelance graphic design work in photoshop

Who told you I did that?

what are the four things that we can draw

We can draw 1) a potato, 2) a cow, 3) a car and 4) a vase. Other than those, we don’t know if we can draw anything else.

why should i be a graphic designer

Nobody says you have to be a graphic designer…

will the role of the graphic designer and design have changed in any way?

I can’t tell if this question is going to happen or if it will have happenend.

top 10 fints

I know the top 3 are Hilvitici, Girimind, and Fitiri.

what is a one color print job

It’s a print job with…one color. But it could also be a four color job, as long as all four colors are the same.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Logos with hidden meaning

Logos often use conceptual and abstract graphic design tricks. A cleverly designed logo often appears to be extremely simple, but look a little deeper and other elements can become obvious.

Whilst browsing the internet we came across some well known (and not so well known) brands that aren't all they appear.

You see logos every day, but are you aware that some of them contain elements that can be easily missed. Have a go and see if you can spot the hidden symbolism - off you go!

This logo is designed with a font where every letter is a variation of the number 8.

This simple picture of a young girl doing her yoga exercise contains a hidden element. The body pose is creating a map of Australia.

Has anyone ever noticed the logo while enjoying the bar. It clearly shows the Swiss Alps but …Toblerone originated in Bern, Switzerland - a city whose name means, “City of bears”. Look at the logo again you'll find the bear in the logo. Got it?

The swirl at first looks quite arbitrary but look closer and you can make out abstract letters representing SGG.

A packaging company, with the logo showing a broken down box in the shape of the letter “P

The designer has integrated a bed with the letter “M”.

Notice that its logo represents Paris with the joined "tt"s of Lafayette forming the shape of the Eiffel Tower.

A standard film reel turned to look like a spooky ghost.

Two musical notes are bent in a way to make a heart and headphones.

An Online Food Delivery service, emphasising its online'ness. The logo shows a fork formed into an @ symbol

You've seen it thousand times but have you ever noticed the arrow formed between the letters “E” and “X”?

A company which designs tractors. The letters “E” and “H” make up a graphic representation of a tractor.

This Home Appliance company has used the negative space to indicate the “E” and “D” making the logo look like an electric plug.

Apparently the Big Ten College Group has eleven schools but they didn’t want to change their name. So they used their logo to hide the number “11”.

Hands up all you who just saw the smily face. The original concept behind this was that amazon.com has everything from a to z.

Sexy Typography

Believe it or not type can be sexy. A rampant descender or a frolicking ampersand makes our toes curl. Good, creative, typography is one of those things that gets us designers all weak at the knees.

Whilst browsing the web we came across some of these fine examples for you to drool over. Enjoy.