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Thursday, August 25, 2016


Every so often clients pop in to the studio, they like to work 'live' on screen with the designer, discuss personally the fine details of their design projects or just have coffee, biscuits and a chat, no problem with that! They frequently get distracted by a large poster prominently displayed in our office. Having looked it over, giggled and smiled, they often ask what's that all about?
So, here's the history...
When I was a wee lad back in the late 60's/early 70's I was obsessed with Paul Rigby, an Australian cartoonist for The Sun newspaper in the UK, I would religiously cut out his daily offerings and 'Pritt Stick' (other gluing options are available) into my treasured scrapbook, sadly long vanished. Over the years I copied his style in my own crude scribbles, getting better and better over time. I still have the original 'The Sun Rigby Cartoon annual' that was produced over here in 1971.

I grew up to be a competent cartoonist/ caricaturist, drawing a weekly cartoon for a local newspaper, various magazine editorials, newsletters and personal commissions - all thanks to Rigby's influence. Then slipped into graphic design and now run a small design and artwork studio in London, and still believe he was one of the most talented illustrators of that era, often forgotten over here, - incredibly witty, often poignant and always drawn with an incredible eye for detail. See a few examples of his editorial cartoons include in this blog, the touching Apollo 13 "Come on fellers, you'll make it!!" and the cheeky mickey take of that era's advertising industry, brilliant.

I believe during his time with The Sun he should be remembered for his immense cultural contributions to early 70's UK politics and culture. Subtly influencing the minds and hearts of the nation at a root 'people' level - in the same way 'spitting image' did on the TV years later. Edward Heath and Harold Wilson never looked so compromised.

Back to the poster…
We purchased a print of an (allegedly rare?) Rigby poster created for The New York Yankees in 1977 (marijuana themed - as at the time The New york yankees were undergoing a soft drug scandal whilst also becoming champions!) which is proudly being displayed in my office - I've attached some images for you. This is a homage to our historic hero.
Mark Fletcher - Fletcher Ward Design.

Have a peek at a timeline below that we've put together of Paul Rigby's career and life, think you'll find it interesting!

Information from timeline found below.
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