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Monday, August 8, 2016

Creative Design, Great Artwork… and Pokemon?

At Fletcher Ward Design great design isn’t the only thing you’ll be catching, yes we are located near Soho but it’s nothing contagious we swear! It’s Pokemon.
Yes, Pokemon GO that great linker of the social and the antisocial has made it’s way to our little area of W1. It started innocuously enough, a few more people outside glued to the tiny glowing screens of their mobile phones. Nothing new there I thought until one loudly exclaimed they had captured a Muk. Now many things have been caught on the streets of London... but a Muk!

Over the last few weeks we've noticed that more and more people have been hanging around our office front door, to the point where we have to squeeze past!  I tentatively asked a small spotty schoolkid (Nigel from Chiswick) what's going on and he excitedly replied he'd just caught a 'JigglyPuff' and a 'Wild Gastly'!  Not wishing to catch anything contagious I hurried inside.  I later discovered that we have inadvertently got caught up in the latest Pokemon Go craze with a stop positioned right outside our office!

So if you’re striving to be the very best then you need design services to match! No matter the size of your project we aim to supply design that works best for you.
Stay for creative design in your quest to be the best, and grab a 'Gastly' while your at it!

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