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Monday, March 16, 2020

Tough Times call for cost effective budgeting.

We're all going through tough unpredictable times.
If it's not the uncertainty of Brexit it's the worry of Covid-19!

During this period it's important to get your marketing and design projects right - as well as cutting costs and budgets!

Suppliers often quote:
"We can give you QUALITY, SPEED and LOW COST ,
but... you can only have two of the three!!"

For example:
1. Quality + Speed = Expensive.
You need a superbly designed 12pp brochure promoting the latest Jamaican cooking trends on your desk in the morning for a brain bashing board meeting, pressures on.  You'd expect costs to rocket.

2. Quality + Low cost = Slow.
The same superbly designed 12pp cooking collateral that's expecting to propel your company up to the next level needs to be created to a strict low-budget.  The Design team still give the project the same attention to detail and meet the budget requirements, but less creatives working on the project means slower development time.

3. Speed + Low Cost = Low Quality.
This 12pp brochure is really going through the mill.  Board wants it fast! and they don't want to pay much (Chairman needs a bonus this month).  Less development time, corners are cut. You truly get what you pay for.

But...  We don't work to that philosophy!

We work out of hours (including weekends if required), stick to YOUR budgets, and are fast and efficient.
Please give us a buzz or drop us a line if you're looking to keep ahead in these troublesome times.

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