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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Design & Artwork for Tourism - Guides, Maps and Promotion...

With the next WTM17 being held shortly at Execl London (6th-8th Nov),  we thought we would highlight our work for the Tourism Industry. 

Attract the tourists looking for leisure with professional Design & Artwork solutions for all your print requirements, from full blown Guides to single page Leaflets, hand-outs, and advertising.

We can also produce beautifully created custom made maps to bring your area to life. Combining fine detail with fascinating and practical information, bristling with life and the perfect way to get people moving in the right direction!

City Search Maps
City maps can bring your area to life.  Highlighting main attractions and buildings of interest. Easily indicate where main points of interest are, tourist highlights, hotels, shops, all ready to explore the local area!

Business Park Maps
Beautifully Illustrated Business Park, Airport, Retail, large industrial site maps. Highlight your main areas of interest, let people know where to go, what to see and how to get there!

Hotels & Resort Maps
Bring your Hotel to life using detailed site maps and location advice.  Help your visitors find where they are and discover your facilities and services in one visual step.

Malls & Shopping Centre Guides
Everyone needs to know where their going!  With our detailed Shopping Centre maps visitors can easily locate key stores and destinations with ease, bringing your location to life and guiding the customer directly to the purchases they require.

Theme Park Guides
Easily followed Park layouts created to help your customers find that ride or attraction that they simply must try!  Packed with easy to follow routes and fun illustrations

Location Maps
HERE but WHERE?  Clear and simple location maps help everyone find where they are and where they need to be.  Key attractions and buildings with highlighted routes and roads help simplify the whole process of finding your way around any confusing destination.

We'll be visiting WTM17 this year, so if your an exhibitor, email us and we'll make sure we drop in to you for a chat.   fwd@fletcherwarddesign.co.uk
Have a good WTM17!


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