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Friday, May 15, 2009


Probably not your clients! They’re not interested in you having just bought the latest Hokey Cokey 2000 or even in the products you’re trying to sell them. And yet so many companies go on in their literature or on their web site about when they were founded, how they make this product or that and that they have just moved to a magnificent new site.

What your clients need to know is what you or your products are going to do for them. What are the benefits?

So many advertisements and leaflets talk about the companies themselves when all the people reading them want to know is:
what are these products/services going to do for me?
what will they do for my business?
how much money will they help me to make?
I saw it amusingly summarised by the phrase, “Everybody is tuned in to one radio station - WIIFM - What’s In It For Me?

If you’re not too sure what it is that your customers want, there’s a very simple technique - ask them.

This may involve you in discussing the problems facing them and their business but you can then use the information to give them a product or service that precisely matches up to their expectations. And your clients will get to think of you as a listener who really cares about their business and how it can grow as opposed to you keep telling them about yours.

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